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Your legal concerns receive personalized attention at the Law Office of Paula E Silva. I realize legal matters can be confusing and stressful in your life. I offer expertise and compassion in guiding you through these rough waters.

A Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney Representing Your Concerns

Let me show you how my experience may benefit you in your family law, child rights or criminal defense concerns. During your initial consultation, the legal process will be explained and discussed. Understanding your case is vital to preserving your rights so I take the time to listen to you and provide professional yet compassionate guidance.

Is your divorce complex?  I can help you avoid common divorce mistakes.  Looking for an alternative to a bitter, antagonistic divorce?  Let me negotiate an amicable divorce for you.

Protect your family by avoiding mistakes common to child custody, visitation and support.

It's no surprise DWI and drug possession charges are common in a college town.  Let me help you avoid common DWI mistakes which may haunt you beyond college.

Seeking guidance from an attorney does not have to be complex and expensive. Call me today for legal advise without the legal headaches.


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