Common DWI Mistakes

Avoid these Common DWI Mistakes

  • Not Taking it Seriously. If you are convicted of a DWI, it is on your record permanently. A delay may indicate to the court that you are not serious about the issue and you may be a high risk for repeating the offense, so the judge may not be lenient.
  • Driving after your license has been revoked. If you timely requested a hearing to contest your license suspension, you will be able to continue driving until the hearing. You have 15 days to request a hearing.
  • Failure to appear in court. If you are pulled over again, you will be spending some time in jail and posting a bond for your future appearances.
  • Handling it on your own. Once the court decision is made your record is permanent. The laws are complex. You have one chance at getting it right.
  • Not requesting an occupational license. If your license is suspended and you have to drive to make a livelihood, you can request an occupational license. You may be required install a vehicle ignition interlock system.
  • Not understanding Juvenile DWI laws. If you are under the age of 21, simply being in possession of alcohol can result in a number of penalties. If the BAC was above 0.08%, you could be charged with an adult DWI, which carries far more serious penalties. Having a DWI on your record could prevent admittance into a top college or failing a background check for employment. Fortunately, unlike adults, you can have the crime expunged from your criminal record when you turn 18, with the help of an experienced attorney.